Align your financial plan with your life plan to live a more prosperous life.

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Helping business owners address their financial needs at any point in their business life cycle.

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Providing comprehensive financial planning solutions in three main areas: personal, business, and estate.

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Live harmoniously
Take care of family
Optimize their retirement strategy

Trust, Integrity, and Respect

We understand. Often times, its difficult, if not impossible to find the time, find someone to trust or even know where to start when it comes to the financial well being of your family or business

All of these roadblocks often lead to inaction. Which causes more stress, more frustration and more overwhelm

We too have been there before and understand your pain. Being mission driven Entrepeneur's, we value hard work and dedication to a craft. But we soon realized that hard work will only get you so far towards your goals. And, if hard work isnt paired with intentionality in life, there is usually a lot of wasted effort.

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Meet the Pioneer Horizons Financial, LLC Team

Our experienced team of professionals look forward to working with you!

Tyler Jordan PRINCIPAL

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Jacquline Pollack, CFP® PARAPLANNER

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Our Areas of Expertise


Personal Planning

We work with you to assess your current and future financial needs from protection & accumulation goals during your wealth building years to efficiently draw from that wealth in retirement.


Business Planning

Business owners face daily challenges when it comes to managing employees, saving for their retirement, and planning an exit strategy when that day comes. We design strategies aimed around meeting these everyday issues.


Estate Planning

Allow us to help you create a plan to distribute the assets in your estate to your loved ones, while also working with other key advisers to develop the right plan.


Succession Planning

Your business is thriving. But will it be upon the next successor? Have you developed a plan for the future of your business? We can help.


Retirement Planning

Everyone needs a plan. It’s never too early to start anticipating what you’ll need in the future. We can help build a plan that meets your individual needs and desires.

We Work Hard For You

We believe that everyone has the right to live out their dreams. Yet, so many our stopped short of them as a result of not having the proper guidance.

What this leads to is a live lived by default, rather than by design. Just going through the motions with what they think the world wants them to do. And no matter how hard they work or how good of a person they are, they will never achieve their dreams because they never had the guidance to show them the right path.

Well, this is where our passion is. We have seen this happen too many times within our family and close friends and we are on a mission to change this. And our hope is the more people we can help, the more light they can shine on the world, thus creating massive impact for those we love and our communities.

Educational Resources

Pioneer Horizons Financial, LLC believes that Benjamin Franklin had it right when he famously stated that “an investment in knowledge pays the interest”. Click here for a repository of interesting educational articles and industry insights.

Educational Resources

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You'll find a wealth of content to inform and help educate - dozens of articles, an extensivelist of financial calculators, and a glossary of financial terms.


A host of financial tools to assist you.


These engaging, short animations focus on a variety of financial topics and illustrate key financial concepts.


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